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Air pollution control and industrial ventilation technology with reliability and energy efficiency for your requirements

mana.jpgAirBTU Products represents manufacturers selected to provide excellent service and competitive pricing with a concentration on reliability and energy efficiency. We provide expertise in all types of industrial air cleaning, industrial ventilation, and industrial air systems which includes mist elimination, wet scrubbers, filters and dust collection. Our operations are based in the entire state of Ohio, and western Pennsylvania, includling the greater Pittsburgh/Erie/Sharon/Washington areas.

For more infomration about our principals, please click on the logos which are linked to their websites.

For a line card with a complete principal listing, please call or email (440-862-3087/

AirBTU Products LLC is insured by Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

AirBTU Products LLC is proud to be a member of MANA (Manufacturers' Agents National Association) which provides the highest standards of professionalism to our principals and end users.

It makes good business sense to consider the manufacturers represented by Air BTU Products because:

  • We Are Responsive: we live within the territory and can be more responsive to any issues which may occur with our products. 
  • We Are Cost Effective: there are synergies within the lines we represent. All the lines represented by Air BTU Products are involved in air management and pollution control in various ways. You can purchase fans, ductwork, dust collection, for example, from one source. You need not contact various other sources for the products you require for your process

                 Call 440-862-3087 or email for quote or more information.