Air Pollution Control

  • Kimre Corporation
  • Catalytic Combustion
  • Bionomic Industries
  • KraftPowercon

---Bionomic Industries


Bionomic Industries product offerings include air emission/air pollution control packages, odor control, gas scrubbing systems, particulate removal, and fume scrubbing, just to name a few.  Bionomic Industries has the required experience to provide complete solutions to hundreds of applications spanning dozens of industries to meet clean air and heat recovery needs.  Bionomic Industries has over 30 years of design experience and performance with proven success in thousands of installations.

---Kimre Corporation


For mist elimination and structured packing, we represent Kimre Corporation. Kimre also provides drift eliminators and aerosol and fine droplet separators. Kimre's expertise covers fiber bed coalescing filters (“candles”).



---Catalytic Combustion Corporation

For thermal oxidation systems, put more than 50 years of pollution control experience to work for you.   VOC destruction up to 99%, and heat recovery efficiency up to 95% for low fuel comsumption.  System attributes inclde skid mounted modules and standardized design, all using superior quality components for long life and mimimum maintenance.








KraftPowercon has manufactured precipitator power supplies for over 60 years, with 15,000 units installed worldwide. KraftPowercon offers a more reliable and less costly alternatiive to high frequency solutions without affecting ESP performance. KraftPowercon is the only company offering a full range of TR options including single phase, three phase and high frequency.







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